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The Pharmacy Appeals Committee have decided to allow the appeal lodged by Magna Healthcare which will enable them to have a licence to operate a pharmacy in the former Co-op Store at Windmill Crescent. The proposed pharmacy at the Surgery in Higher Road has been refused a licence.

A copy of the decision letter can be read here

A copy of a letter from NHS England explaining the process surrounding the appeal can be read

here page 1

here page 2


The Parish Council have been informed that Superdrug in Bridgwater are very happy to deliver prescriptions to Woolavington and have issued the following statement:


We will deliver any prescription to you on a Wednesday weekly usually between 11am -2pm FREE.

Any urgent medication will be delivered to you the same day or the next. (for example, antibiotics).

We also offer a number of services and you may ask anything, and we will try to do our best to accommodate.

Any questions please do phone.

Superdrug Pharmacy Team

01278 423055