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Woolavington Neighbourhood Watch was one of the first to be established in this area over twenty years ago. It is now an e-mail based service (e-Watch) providing a fast method of disseminating information around the area so that when necessary we may all be aware of what we need to ‘watch out’ for.

We aim to pass on up-to-date information, provided largely by the police, on crime in the Polden Beat area as well as crime prevention advice to reduce your chance of becoming a victim. Crime in the villages is however very low, thanks in part we like to believe, to our active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Over 330 households are currently registered for the e-mail service with many members passing on messages to their neighbours who don’t have internet access bringing the total households served to around 500.

In addition we have some 40 households in neighbouring Bawdrip sharing our service and also have members in Puriton, Cossington, Burtle and some from further afield. We do not seek to replace other local schemes but are pleased to provide a distribution service to all on the Polden Hills area who share a common interest in staying crime-free in this part of Somerset.

Many Insurance companies give a discount on Home Insurance to members of an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme

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