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Planning consent has been granted for 16 Affordable rented homes for local people at Higher Road Woolavington. The development consists of 4 x 1 bed flats, 4 x 2 bed houses, 5 x 3 bed houses and 3 x 4 bed houses for SHAL Housing Ltd.
Work is now well advanced and construction work is almost complete.
Woolavington Parish Council is pleased to say “that it has been able to work with Sedgemoor District Council to help provide this important development which will help address the need to keep local residents living locally in accommodation that they can afford”

The project is designed to provide homes which are economical to run. All the properties are designed to meet level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes which will mean that residents will use less energy to run their homes than in older properties. This is largely due to high levels of insulation and high standards of construction that will keep warmth in and prevent draughts. The homes will be heated by highly efficient gas-fired heating systems and plumbing fittings will ensure that water use is reduced. As a result it is anticipated that fuel and water bills will be lower than people may be used to.

All these new homes come with private gardens and sheds, but unique for most new developments is the concept of the kitchen garden. Adjacent to the site are plots of land to be used by residents to grow vegetables. These are, in effect, ready made allotments next door to the houses and flats and will be made available to every household on the development.

The scheme has been carefully designed to ensure that heavy rainfall is captured in large tanks and only allowed to leave the site at the rate equivalent to two hose pipes running at the same time. This means that whereas in the past rain running off the fields has poured into neighbouring gardens and the road, this will not happen in the future. The scheme will also see a new footpath from the site to the village school giving a safe route to school for many children including those in existing housing.

The properties are owned and will be managed by SHAL Housing Ltd who have a local office in Bridgwater.A local allocations policy gives preference to local residents and those who have a strong connection to the village. To be considered for one of these homes, prospective tenants need to ensure that they are registered with Homefinder Somerset – stating their local connection.
You can apply by registering on line at or contact Sedgemoor District Council’s Housing Advice Section on 0845 408 2540 for an application form. 

John Thomson, Chief Executive of SHAL Housing Ltd has advised that the new homes have been allocated  to people currently resident in the parish or with a local connection to the village.

People can request further information from SHAL’s reception by ringing 01278 444344.

There was an request at the August Parish Council Meeting to confirm the status of the flood water management system otherwise known as a Hydro Brake on the site.

The Council can confirm it has been installed and is functioning. Virtually the whole of the front of the site is a water storage facility which captivates and stores the water migrating from up the hill and then controls through a measured pipe the discharge rate approx 5 GPM into the drainage system. The system has been designed around known water make and expected storm incident


A photo opportunity was held on 20th June which Members of the Parish Council were invited to attend.