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In October 2015 a motorist demolised the village nameplate and concrete planter at the Causeway. Sadly, he or she did not report the incident so it fell to Parish Council to pay for a new nameplate. At the same time a small group of residents were considering some environmental improvements which could be funded through the Big Local - Villages Together Scheme and new village nameplates were on their list of possible projects. Woolavington Neighbourhood Watch also approached the Parish Council to see if Neighbourhood Watch signs could be erected at the entrances to the village.

With co-operation between the interested groups, a joint scheme was agreed and Arien Signs from Cheddar were commissioned to produce three new nameplates of the same design for the Causeway, Woolavington Hill and Higher Road entrances to the village, each containing a separate Neighbourhood Watch plate on the same posts.

The nameplates were installed on 8th April 2016. The environmental improvement group have plans to provide a planting scheme under the Causeway nameplate.

The Parish Council met the cost of the Causeway nameplate and the Neighbourhood Watch signs and Big Local - Villages Together paid for the Woolavington Hill and Higher Road nameplates.