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National Grid are starting to build road accesses and a temporary haul road along the route of the pylons. Once built, the haul road will greatly reduce the amount of construction and other project traffic on local roads. They have already completed one access onto the B3141 and are now starting to prepare to work on the access north of the village. 

While they are working on the public highways, their contractor, Balfour Beatty, needs to put up traffic lights to manage traffic and keep road users and our drivers safe. They recognise the work will cause disruption and would like to apologise to local residents for any inconvenience and delays to  journeys.

A39 Puriton Hill: Weekend road closures to westbound traffic.  

A39 Bath Road: Traffic lights 1 October – 1 November.  
B3141 north out of Woolavington: Traffic lights 1 September – 30 September.  

They will also be working on the B3141 during December 2020 and January 2021 and on Higher Road during October and November. The dates are to be confirmed. 

They will put up advance warning signage and maintain access to properties at all times. They will work with their contractor, Balfour Beatty, to complete the work and remove the traffic lights as quickly as possible. 

Further information 

Please note that these dates may change at short notice. National Grid want to keep local communities up to date with what they are doing.

Detailed information on locations and timings for all roadworks associated with our project can be found on ther project website your area or by contacting our community relations team by email at or on 0800 377 7347.