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Dear All

I am contacting you to bring you up to speed with Gravity’s kind offer regarding the supply and delivery of food to those who need this service the most.

The good news is that as from tomorrow, 26th March 2020, a lunchtime service will start. It will be delivered in polystyrene boxes. Although it will leave the 37 Club as hot food, by the time it reaches some people it will have cooled down. Please transfer it to a microwavable or oven-proof container before reheating thoroughly.

The 37 Club can only cater for 80 meals per day, which equates to 40 meals each for Puriton and Woolavington. We are looking at plans to produce more meals as the list of vulnerable people most In need of this valuable service grows.

Please contact the Parish Clerks from the two parishes if you or someone you know meets the criteria, particularly those who have received a text or letter from the NHS informing them that their medical condition makes them extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 and those aged over 80 years who cannot manage and do not have friends/relatives who can assist.

The clerks’ details are:

Richard Young (Woolavington) on 01278 789859 or email

Sally Diaz (Puriton) on 01934 221659, email

Volunteers are in place to deliver the meals, and they will do a light touch assessment to make sure that those who are in the first wave of deliveries are genuinely needy. But we recognise that not all disabilities and vulnerabilities are easily visible.

If anyone wishes to volunteer to support both communities, please contact  either Richard Young (Woolavington) or Sally Diaz (Puriton) as we wish to set up a 2-hourly rota throughout the day in case there are those who are in need of assistance, This will be a standby role but will be much appreciated.

Clearly these are uncharted waters. We have already seen huge acts of kindness shown by residents, and I know we can all pull together.

Thank you for your co-operation and your acts of kindness to your community

Mark Healey MBE County & District Councillor, Member of Puriton Parish Council