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Whilst the Parish Council have a good relationship with the County Highway Office based at Dunball and always receive prompt replies to requests, the same cannot be said of the Traffic Management Section based at County Hall. 

When items are referred to that section at County Hall for attention, it is quite normal not to receive a reply and for the request to be ignored.

The Parish Council become frustrated to continually have to tell local residents that they are still waiting for information about requests and sending reminders have little effect. 

A number of issues are outlined in this item so that residents are aware of the frustrations of dealing with this office at County Hall.

Several residents in the eastern part of the village requested "No through Road" signs to be provided for Chilpitts and Elm Lane to prevent drivers not familiar with the road layout from getting into difficulty due to a lack of turning facilities. The Parish Council submitted a request for signs to be provided on 6th August 2019 and the Area Office at Dunball promptly forwarded the request on to County Hall on 8th August 2019. Over a year later, no reply has been received and no action has been taken.

More recently an issue with the weight restriction signs at the Causeway has been forwarded by the Area Office at Dunball to County Hall for attention. No reply has been received from County Hall and no action has been taken.

The signs were disturbed by the contractor constructing a bell mouth entrance to the haul road on behalf of National Grid. They were reinstated at different heights and facing the wrong way which makes enforcement of the weight restriction impossible and residents have noticed an increase in HGVs passing through the village

This sign along the Causeway lost its triangular bend sign during the winter. The sign was on the grass verge and now covered in vegetation. No action has been forthcoming to replace or repair the sign - and e mails are ignored.

The flood prevention section at County Hall were investigating a long outstanding drainage issue at Crancombe Lane earlier in the year and quite understandably work ceased at the start of lock down. However this inspection cover at the edge of the carriageway has been left in this position exposing an open drain for over five months.

More recently, the Parish Council received notice of a temporary road closure at Vicarage Road in September. The alternative route involves vehicles having to be driven the wrong way along Church Street (a one way street) and emerging onto the B3141 at a location where visibilty is restricted. It demonstrates a lack of local knowledge by people working at County Hall and not surprisingly three e-mails to the section dealing with temporary road closures to correct this error have been ignored.

The Parish Council have agreed to take the matter of poor performance of the highway section working at County Hall with the appropriate Portfolio Holder and a response is awaited.