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The Parish Council have received a large number of complaints in recent weeks regarding the condition of the roads around Woolavington Estate. A number of corners and verges have been damaged by vehicles mounting the kerbs and the road surface is cracking and subsiding, quickly resulting in the formation of potholes.

County Highways were requested to inspect the roads and to carry out the necessary repairs and have responded as follows:-

"The road surface at Windmill Crescent, Sedgemoor Way and Darkfield Way have been inspected and all safety defects have been identified for repair.  This should be done within the next 28 days.

Some lesser deteriorated areas will be put forward for planned patching works in the new financial year.

The damage to the footway at the Windmill Crescent/Old Mill Road junction has been made safe with cones and barriers. This is an on-going concern, caused by the over-running of large vehicles, but the problem appears to be caused by parked vehicles opposite.  I will be discussing this matter with our Traffic Engineer."