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The Parish Council have received complaints over many years of highway safety issues in the vicinity of Woolavington School at certain times of the day during term time.

The Parish Council have been working with the Police and School in an attempt to address these issues which tend to be caused by inconsiderate parking by a minority of parents.

Parents are able to park at School times in the Village Hall Car Park on most days and walk to the School but a number of parents still choose to try to park closer. White lines were painted across peoples drives in an attempt to prevent them from being blocked and zig-zag lines were painted near the School to keep this area clear from parked vehicles.

Following a near miss in which a child was almost hit by a moving vehicle, investigations took place in to how safety might be further improved. Following discussion at a Meeting of the Parish Council when the Police and representatives of the School were present it was felt that the area of road subject to yellow zig-zag lines could be extended to cover the northern side of the road. These road makings can be enforced by the PCSO.

Before taking the matter further, the Parish Council sought the views of residents living opposite the School on this suggestion. An extension of the road markings in this area would reduce traffic congestion and enable pedestrians to be better seen. The local residents who responded were supportive of an extension to the zig-zag lines and at their meeting held on 11th March, the Parish Council decided to request the County Council's Highways Department to provide the new road markings as soon as possible.

The new zig-zag lines were finally installed by the County Council after the road was surface dressed in September 2014.