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Two defibrillators have recently been fitted in Woolavington. One is on the wall of the Communal Hall in Bitham Walk and one is on the front wall of the Village Hall. 

The cost of the defibrillators was met by Big Local - Villages Together and the Parish Council paid for the installation costs.

A defibrillator is a device used to give an electric shock to help restart a patient’s heart when they are in cardiac arrest. Public access defibrillators enable a patient in cardiac arrest to receive a lifesaving shock as quickly as possible, ahead of an ambulance, which assists in giving them the best possible chance of survival.

Semi-automatic defibrillators are easy to use by anyone with little or no training. The device talks and displays what you need to do and how to use it. It will not allow a defibrillating shock unless the patient requires it, which makes it completely safe to be in an unlocked 24 hour a day accessible cabinet.

The Ambulance service will be providing a free awareness session each year to enable members of the community to learn how to use the device and deliver chest compressions to someone in cardiac arrest. 



Communal Hall defibrillator

Village Hall Defibrillator