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1) All new Tenants must reside in postcode area TA7. The committee will prioritise the village and parish boundaries of  Woolavington ahead of the wider part of the TA7 post code. If a plot is vacant and the only other waiters are from the wider area they then may be allocated a plot. Once allocated a plot all tenants, irrespective of location have the same rights. Prospective plot holders from outside of the area should be informed of this before going on the waiting list.

2) The Tenant agrees to rent from the Association that portion of the allotment situated at Sedgemoor Road, shown as Plot Number ….. on the plan of the field in the possession of the Committee.

3) The tenancy of the plot commences on 1st November 20 … and the tenant agrees to pay the Association the sum of £……. per annum; £…… half plot, payable in advance in cash.

4) The Tenant agrees to keep the whole of the plot well tilled and cultivated with fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs and free from all weeds and other obnoxious or illegal growths as well demonstrating due care and diligence when using weed killer and also when washing containers afterwards.

5) The Tenant agrees to keep the paths adjoining the plots (to the south of the plot) in good order. The Tenant is individually responsible for the centre path adjoining the plot, which MUST NOT be obstructed at any time. The northern grassed area to be the joint responsibility of all plot holders. All storage must be confined within the plot area. A Tenant may park in a reserved area of their own plot if appropriate BUT NOT ON THE CENTRE PATH – except when loading or unloading.

6) Sprinklers are prohibited. Hoses may be used but only when hand held and not indiscriminately. The stop cock MUST be locked off during winter months by a member of the Committee.

7) Should the Tenant not keep the plot well tilled, cultivated and free from weeds and other extraneous growths, or not pay rent within 4 weeks of the AGM, the Committee has then right to repossess the plot after giving the Tenant one months’ notice in writing. In the event of such repossession the Tenant shall have no claim whatsoever against the Association or any subsequent person or persons that the Committee may appoint as Tenant or Tenants, or have the right to any plants on that plot after one months’ notice has expired. If extra time is needed, this should be agreed by the Chairman/Vice Chairman.

8) In the event of two warning letters being served on an allotment holder in connection with rule 7 in one calendar year, or 3 warning letters in any 2 calendar year period, 1 calendar months’ notice to repossess the plot will be served. This will be final and irrevocable

9) In the event of the Tenant wishing to give up the tenancy of the plot, at least two months’ notice in writing must be given to the Chairman. No rebate of any rent will be returned to the Tenant and 50% rent shall be payable should an allotment be vacated mid-season and all rights to harvest crops be also relinquished

10) When new applications are received and all plots are taken, holders of more than one plot will be requested to release a half or full plot after consultation with the Chairman and/or Vice Chairman on an agreed time scale of 24 months from the time the person joins the waiting list as a prospective plot holder. This decision should only be made by a quorate committee.

11) Huts and greenhouses may not exceed 12’ (3.5m) long by 8’ (2.5m) wide and 7’6” (2.5m) high.

12) Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when in the allotment field and any excrement should be bagged and binned with discretion.

13) Notice to relinquish an allotment shall be given in writing to the Chairman; applications for an allotment and to change an allotment will also be required in writing.

14) Plots becoming vacant to be re allocated by the Chairman and/or Vice Chairman / Allocation secretary. In the event of there being more applicants than plots available, the whole Committee must be consulted.



All the above rules were unanimously approved by all plot holders present at the AGM on 22nd Oct 2019 and adopted with effect from 1st Nov 2019.