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About the council

 Its purpose is to inform, listen and consult with people.

The Local Council is responsible for some of the services in our Village, for example upkeep of St Mary's Churchyard and grass cutting in the playing fields. It also has statutory functions e.g. being consulted on Village planning applications.
Our website is designed to:

  • Inform people about the services & functions provided
  • Consult on their effectiveness, how they may be improved/enhanced
  • Understand and respond to community priorities .
  • Listen to comments/concerns, seek understanding of the issues involved and agree how to address them.

The above bullet points are our aspirations, but the process is two-way and a constructive a dialogue and feedback with our local community is essential if we are to achieve the goals we set.
Although modern technology provides easy means of communication we recognise that not everyone has PCs or internet access and so other means will also be used (e.g. 'Parish Newsletters etc.') to ensure that The Council is accessible to local residents