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Potatoes   - Capella Rew
Runner Beans -  E. Marsh, Mrs S. Young,  Mrs S. Bowden
Shallots - E. Marsh
Cucumber - E. Marsh, Mrs S. Bowden, M. Clutterbuck
Onions from Sets - E. Marsh, N. Loveitt
Carrots - T. Pritchard, Mrs S. Bowden, N. Loveitt
Tomatoes - M. Clutterbuck, E. Marsh, Mrs J. White
Beetroot - E. Marsh, G. Thompson
Marrow - E. Marsh, Mrs P. Webb, M. Clutterbuck
Collection of Vegetables - E. Marsh, Mrs S. Bowden
Dessert Apples - Mrs F. Lowe, Mrs S. Bowden, J.D. Young
Cooking Apples - Mrs S. Bowden, Mrs T. Darch, J.D. Young
Sweet Peas - Mrs S. Young,  A. Thompson
Dahlias  - I. Bissell, Mrs M. Clutterbuck, M. Clutterbuck
Rose - Mrs S. Bowden, G. Thompson, Mrs J. White
Rose HT - G. Thompson, P. Hockin, Mrs S. Young
Vase of Mixed Flowers - Mrs M. Clutterbuck, Mrs S. Bowden, Mrs J. White
Jam/Marmalade - Mrs M. Johnson
Chutney/Pickles - Mrs D. Marsh, T. Pritchard, Mrs I. Witcombe
Chocolate Brownies - Mrs R. Thayer, Mrs D. Marsh
Carrot Cake - Mrs D. Marsh, Mrs I. Witcombe, Mrs R. Thayer
Lemon Drizzle Cake - Mrs I. Witcombe, Mrs R. Thayer, Mrs D. Witcombe
Photograph - wildlife - E. Marsh
Painting or Drawing - wildlife - Mrs F. Lowe
Painting or Drawing - our village - R. Young
Handmade decorative item  - J. Foster, Mrs M. Retford, Mrs R. Smith
Item knitted/crochet/fabric - Capella Rew
Handmade Greetings Card - Mrs S. Young, Mrs M. Retford
Picture Favourite Animal U5  - Ruby Smith, Pippa Williams, Oliver Young
Picture Favourite Animal 6-10 - Owen Smith, Martha Williams, Grace Miles
Picture Favourite Animal 11-16 - Amber Miles
Handwriting 8 & under - Olivia Popplewell, Martha Williams
Handwriting 9-16 - Mollie Young, Grace Miles, Bethany Dibble
Garden on a small plate - Owen Smith, Peggy Thompson, Dulcie Thompson
Animal made from vegetables - Ruby Smith, Owen Smith, Henry Osmant
Painted pebble or stone - Ellie Nation, Bethany Dibble, Henry Osmant & Amber Miles