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For several years now this person has volunteered tirelessly for our church, supporting our vicars, currently Kirsty and previously Kevin and our lay readers. This person has taken on many roles involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the building and in the preparation for services.

This year in particular, having successfully submitted an application for a Somerset Community Foundation grant enabling us as a church to take various energy saving measures, this person has personally put in place heat retaining curtains and organised the fitting of security measures for the oil tank and also water butts for those tending graves.

As lead of the Events Committee this person is also instrumental in organising events within the community to raise the funds (and fun!) required to keep St Mary’s Church alive in our village.

She is now officially a Church Warden and represents the church on the Village Hall Committee.

The 2023 Citizen of the Year is Carolyn Stroud.

The picture shows Carolyn receiving the trophy from the Chairman of the Parish Council, Alan Sharp