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The 2022 Woolavington Flower and Produce Show was held in the Village Hall on Saturday, 17th September. Despite difficult growing conditions during the summer there were good entries in the vegetable. fruit and flower classes. There were some magnificent exhibits in the domestic classes and a record number of top quality entries in the children's classes. The warm and sunny afternoon drew a good crowd of visitors who were able to enjoy the stalls, competitions, games and refreshments.

POTATOES R. Whitcombe, Mrs C. Mackenzie, P. Beer

RUNNER BEANS P. Beer, R. Whitcombe, Mrs S. Young

SHALLOTS R. Whitcombe

CUCUMBER Mrs C. Mackenzie, M. Clutterbuck

ONIONS R. Whitcombe, A. Thompson

CARROTS P. Beer, Mrs S. Young

TOMATOES M. Clutterbuck, Mrs T. Darch, Mrs J. White

BEETROOT P. Beer, R. Whitcombe

MARROW M. Clutterbuck


DESSERT APPLES Mitsuo Shima, D. Court, J.D. Young

COOKING APPLES Mrs J. Wyness, Mrs T. Darch, J.D. Young

SWEET PEAS Mrs S. Young 

DAHLIAS M. Clutterbuck, I. Bissell, R. Whitcombe

ROSE Mrs S. Young, P. Hockin, P. Beer

ROSE HT P. Beer, P. Hockin

GARDEN FLOWERS Mrs J. White, Mitsuo Shima, R. Darch

POT PLANT P. Beer, Mrs T. Darch

PRESERVES M. Clutterbuck, Mrs J. Griffiths, Mrs D. Marsh

SWEET SCONE Mrs D. Marsh, Mrs C. Gowan, Mrs W. Beer

SAVOURY FLAN Mrs D. Marsh Mrs W. Beer

APPLE CAKE Mrs D. Marsh, Mrs J. Wyness

LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE Mrs W. Beer, Mrs D. Marsh, Mrs C. Gowan

LOAF CAKE Mrs D. Marsh, Mrs R. Young, J. Bain 

PHOTO (seaside) T. Dommett, Mrs C. Mackenzie, Mrs R. Smith

PHOTO (Countryside) T. Dommett, Mrs R. Smith, Mrs C. Mackenzie

PAINTING - Nature & Landscape Mrs S. Moore

ITEM FROM FABRIC Mrs J. Griffiths, Mrs J. Wyness, Mrs R. Smith

KNITTED ITEM Mrs D. Marsh, Mrs D. Cudlipp, Mrs J. Wyness

GREETINGS CARD Mrs J. Griffiths, Mrs D. Cudlipp, Mrs J. Wyness

PICTURE U5  Olivia Popplewell, Martha Williams, Charlotte Bowcott
PICTURE 6-10 Dulcie Thompson, Henry Osmant, Grace Miles
PICTURE 11-16 Amber Miles, Lexie Meakin, Isla Wood
HANDWRITING U11 Skye Hares, Harper Griffin, Jessica Bowcott
HANDWRITING O11 Mollie Young, Lexie Meakin, Amber Miles
POSY  Harper Griffin, Peggy Thompson

ANIMAL FROM VEGETABLES Harper Griffin, Henry Osmant, Owen Smith

CUP CAKES Jason Hares, Skye Hares, Oliver Young
PAINTED PEBBLE or STONE Grace Miles, Bella Kennard, Isla Wood.

Most Points in the vegetable, fruit and flower  classes - P. Beer

Most Points in the cookery classes - Mrs D. Marsh

Most Points in the childrens' classes - Harper Griffin