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The 2017 Show attracted a record number of entries from 70 different exhibitors. Over 210 items were brought to the hall and each section was keenly contested. The number of vegetables exceeded all expectations and an extra table was needed to enable them all to be displayed! The children's section also attracted more entries than usual and it was difficult to choose the winners as they were all of a very high standard. The total profit for the day amounted to £1,263.36.

The prize winners were

                                1st                     2nd                   3rd

1 Potatoes             R. Bain            L. Smith         R. Whitcombe

2 Runner Beans    R. Bain            D. Farmer      M. Del Nevo

3 Shallots               L. Smith          A. Sharp         R. Bain

4 Cucumber           J.D. Young      L. Smith         R. Bain

5 Onions                L. Smith           E. Grove        C. Williams

6 Carrots                L. Smith           V. Hunt          D. Mackenzie    


7 Tomatoes            L. Smith          Mrs B. Smith  Mrs D. Marsh

8 Beetroot              R. Bain            P. Beer           R. Whitcombe

9 Marrow                R. Bain          Mrs J. Warren  E. Grove

10 Box of Vegetables V. Hunt       I. Bissell          L. Smith

11 Dessert Apples     Mrs B. Smith L. Smith        J.D. Young

12 Cooking Apples    T.R Haggett   Mrs K. Brewer   Mrs P. Puddy

13 Sweet Peas           P. Beer         Mrs S. Young   Mrs E. Hunt

14 Dahlias                 Mrs B. Smith M. Del Nevo    Mrs E. Hunt

16 Gladioli                  P. Beer         Mrs E. Hunt     C. Williams

17 Rose                     B.J. Galloway Mrs W. Grove   P. Beer

18 Rose HT               P. Beer          Mrs M. Jones   Mrs S. Young

19 Asters                   P. Beer

20 Garden Flowers    Mrs B. Smith         P. Beer      Mrs E. Hunt

21 Pot Plant               Mrs D. Marsh        P. Beer      Mrs W. Beer

22 Preserves              Mrs D. Russell       Mrs D. Marsh   D. Farmer

23 Carrot Cake          Mrs A. Clark      Mrs E. Hunt     B.J. Galloway

24 Sponge Cake        Mrs D. Marsh    Mrs P. Webb   Mrs W. Beer

25 Fruit Cake              Mrs E. Hunt      Mrs R. Bowkett    R. Bain

26 Scones                  Mrs D. Marsh    Mrs P. Webb   Mrs W. Beer

27 Apple Pie               Mrs E. Hunt   Mrs D. Marsh

28 Photograph (small) Mrs M. Branch  T. Dommett    V. Hunt

29 Photograph (large) T. Dommett   Mrs W. Grove

30 Art                          Mrs S. Moore  Mrs G. Farler

31 Upcycled Stitch Craft Mrs D. Marsh   Mrs G. Farler   Mrs J. Wyness

32 Greetings Card       Mrs G. Farler

35 Picture 10 & under Poppy Ireland    Maddox Edkins   Mollie Osmant

36 Picture 11 - 16        Natalie Smith    Ellie Presley    Jazmine Smith

37 Handwriting 10 & under Verity Edkins  Leigh-Ann Ireland   Maddox Edkins

38 Handwriting 11-16  Natalie Smith    Ellie Presley    Jazmine Smith

39 Animal from vegetables 10 & under Mollie Osmant   Harper Griffin    Henry Osmant

40 Animal from vegetables 11-16 Henry Pearn

41 Small Posy             Mollie Osmant   Ellie Presley    Jazmine Coles

42 Baking – cup cakes Harper Griffin    Zoe Jenkins     Ellie Presley

Most Points in the Show - Mr L. Smith

Most Points in the Domestic Classes - Mrs D. Marsh

Most Points in the Children's Classes - Mollie Osmant